Hennessy Kyrios  

We were presented with a very special set of challenges when Hennessy launches the new 2013 collector edition, Kyrios. Apart from developing a iPad advertisement rich in interactions and features, the bottle was crafted with ultraviolet materials that needs to be beautifully showcased under ultraviolet settings.

After a few rounds of brainstorming with the team, we've decided to develop a 360° bottle view with half of it showing the UV effect and another half under normal lighting condition. The idea was to create a set of 23 images under daylight setting and another 23 under UV exposure, which were then carefully stitched together with 10 frames of transitions for the bottle to gracefully transcend from 1 lighting condition to another.

The delicate task of producing these images took our team a long grueling week but the end result was something to celebrate about.

Solution iOS based interactive advertisement
Role Art Director,
Interaction Developer,
Hennessy Kyrios Interactive Advertisement
Hennessy Kyrios Interactive Advertisement
Hennessy Kyrios Interactive Advertisement
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