A florist’s personal space to work on arrangements privately. It was meant to be kept simple and neutral, to have her every flower speak life on its own. The place shouldered little of white vintage element, merging with modern cement render to obtain maximum simplicity.
Work Scope Design, build & project management, built-ins & semi-furnishings
Role Project Manager,
Design Manager
Eleganscent Eleganscent
Eleganscent Eleganscent
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Kampai Bar
A Japanese restaurant proposed to be finished in cement rendered walls, creating natural effects after being paired with light wooden furniture.
Churros Royale Franchise
Bought over by our client, they were looking for a revamp that could slowly upgrade their branding and menu.
Highway Karaoke
With the incredibly low concrete ceiling with its beams sitting at 8.5 feet, we still managed it great, especially with ceiling acoustics planning.
Victory Hotel
Complete space planning and branding were provided for a 22 room budget hotel. Due to its service range, designs needed to be kept at minimal, but we achieved successful planning of sewerage exits and rooms for the irregular challenging layout and location.
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