A graphic designer is a strategist
with an aesthetic sense

With vast experience throughout the years in branding and advertising, we've successfully accomplished countless projects which helped our satisfied clients to achieve the goals set.

We'll help gain a winning position that will allow you audiences in a strong and clear way, by developing strategic communication pieces that reflect your brand's personality. Our design work can be geared to match your existing brand image, or we can help you define a new look for all your communications with a complete corporate identity.

From crafting the big idea to bringing it to live, we have been actively helping clients to develop concepts big and small through these years. With experiences coordinating and teaming up a wide range of professionals with different skill sets, we're constantly seeking opportunities, giving birth to groundbreaking impressive ideas.
Reputation up-keeping has always been a vital role in brand management. It is our profession to analyse, plan, and help maintain the desired brand reputation. From maintaining existing brands to penetrating the market with new ones, we provide services like branding consultation, creative designing and portfolio building.
Print &
With endless selection of printing materials and methods, we believe the production of creative works should be adventurous and bold. That is the reason behind our constant quest for rare and new materials to experiment on, and to distinct our client from the competitors in astonishing and impressive ways.
Photography &
Photographing products with the right direction and execution tremendously affect the first impression and purchase decision of potential customers. With that in mind, we always make sure the products look the best they can with our years of know-how. Simply put, if the image does not tempt us, we re-shoot until it does.
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Working with ambitious clients, we have been helping brands to create compelling designs,
and to ensure the brands make the impact they deserve
We were honoured to brand Adventasia, a young and dymamic experiential marketing agency, and a fairly new yet highly potential player in its field.
Brewmen came to us for a full-fledged branding service. From brand identity to interior design, we conceptualised and executed the design while working closely with the client himself to make sure the outcome turns out exactly the way the client portrays.
Acer S3
In conjunction with the launching of Acer's S3 Ultrabook, we were invited to pitch for the product creative range from POSM to print ads.
Christy Ng
An emerging online shoe trade powerhouse made famous by their astonishing collection of women's footwear, Christy Ng has been with us for years to have their pieces shot and documented.
Grumpy Monkey, a company that brings in quality toys for all ages from all around the world, engaged us to create an expressive identity for the brand.
The first liquid nitrogen ice cream maker in Asia, Ooh My Gas, needed a new series of tantalizing images for their new marketing collateral, and we were appointed by their creative agency to take on the task.
Acer with
Windows 8
In the creative pitch for Acer Windows 8 collaboration campaign, we have developed a brand centric concept to generate brand awareness for Windows 8 based Acer products, and to educate consumer on the features of the new operating system.
When plastic and silicon cases just don't seem to cut it for today's smartphone users anymore, Draco sets out to create unique in appearance, solid in performace cases that combine premium materials with innovation.
Owner of Crankhead Premium Cycles, a brand that carries premium and performance bicycle parts, wanted a cool and edgy logo as the core of the brand.
Tai Lei Loi Kei
The famous pork chop bun from Macau started their Malaysian franchises early 2013, and the local business owners needed an original set of images for branding and marketing purposes.
Acer with
Windows 7
We were approached by Acer to come up with a set of POSM to promote the unique features of Windows 7 in a very vibrant and unique way. We came up with this design based on the versatility of the windows 7.
of Insaf
In this branding project for Signature of Insaf, we have picked out the magenta and purple that are found in the restaurant interior and made it the essence of the brand itself.
T.W.O, also know as Two Wheels Only, is the first international pro-level bicycle store in Malaysia. And we are proud to be appointed as their brand identity designer.
The name 'Thirdwave' was derived from the current global movement that produces top quality coffee, and the friendly siblings that run the brand wanted a simple yet symbolic identity as a marking to their quality beverages and services.
The Venue
The Venue is an emerging bistro restaurant well known for thier adventurous list of cocktails and tantalising cuisine.
Little Nyonya
Little Nyonya is a restaurant based in Brisbane, Australia; specializing in Nyonya Cuisine. The owner engaged us to design their Identity, signage as well as their menu.
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